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Laser use is growing as they become more affordable and their applications more widespread.  In the last twenty years, the cost of lasers has decreased to less than 10% for their original cost and with much greater reliability.  Lasers are integral to all areas of manufacturing from welding to part marking.  They have revolutionized medical procedures like kidney stone removal and vision correction. 


Although the benefits of lasers are almost innumerable, their use without the proper safety controls has caused permanent injuries and death.  Laser Guardian has the experience and training to ensure the safety of you and your clients when using lasers.

Located in South Florida. Serving the United States.




Medical Laser

We will ensure your facility is compliant to ANSI standard Z136 for a safe working environment.

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Law Enforcement

Law Enforcement

We offer a comprehensive on-site laser hazard awareness course for law enforcement.

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Customer Service

We will develop your laser safety program, audit existing programs and provide laser safety training.
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Laser Safety Equipment

Laser Equipment

Laser Guardian is an authorized distributor for Laservision's full line of laser safety equipment.

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Law Enforcement & Pilots

Laser Awareness

Laser Guardian offers ruggedized eyewear for Tactical and K-9 Units. We have LAPD tested and approved laser eyewear for pilots.

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