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Industrial Laser Program Development, Audits & Hazard Awareness Training.



Employers are required, under section 5(a)(1) of the Occupational Safety and Health Act (OSHA) to provide employees a “place of employment which is free from recognized hazards that are likely to cause death or serious physical harm to his employees.” Lasers are identified by OSHA as a recognized hazard. OSHA inspectors reference ANSI Standard Z136.1, Safe Use of Lasers, to determine if an employer has a compliant laser safety program. Laser Guardian will provide experienced consultants that are Board Certified, Laser Safety Officers to ensure your facility is compliant to Federal and State laser safety requirements. 


Our comprehensive scope of services extend from developing a new laser safety program, to auditing existing programs which provides documented evidence of compliance. Laser Guardian has partnered with other firms to provide on-site Laser Awareness and Laser Safety Officer training. We offer a wide range of laser safety equipment including laser barriers and laser safety eyewear. Contact us for additional information on program development, laser safety training, auditing and equipment. We specialize in FDA compliant laser based process validation for medical device manufacturing.


Federal regulations controlling the manufacturing of medical devices, such as 21CFR 820, require process validation to ensure that the resulting product functions are approved and do not cause injury to the user or patient. Validation of laser based processes requires a thorough understanding of validation methodology and laser functions. All laser output will drift in performance due to normal degradation of the resonator and beam delivery components. If not properly controlled, this will cause the system to operate out of validated parameters thus compromising the device quality. The FDA requires expensive recalls and time consuming corrective actions if non-compliant devices are shipped from your facility. Laser Guardian has certified six sigma black belt consultants experienced in the validation of laser processes used to manufacture medical devices. We will ensure a robust tested and sustainable laser process with the proper documented evidence of compliance. Contact us for additional information on validation and to schedule a consultation.


Open laser systems present many hazards

Laser Equipment

Laser Guardian will assist your EH&S department to ensure your employees are safe from laser hazards based on nationally accepted ANSI Z136 standards.


Class 1 products may require a laser safety program.

Laser Awareness

A Class 1 designation is for normal operation. Laser maintenance and service activities often require the
laser to be taken out of this safe
mode. A laser safety program is therefore required to reduce the potential of serious injury.