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Law Enforcement Laser Hazard Awareness Training



Incidents involving the illegal use of lasers reached over 3,500 in 2015. These were not just a nuisance but have caused permanent debilitating injuries. Even laser based equipment operated by law enforcement such as laser speed detection and weapon targeting lasers have the potential to cause permanent injury if used improperly. Laser Guardian provides a comprehensive and understandable training for your officers. This two hour class is given on-site for your convenience. Laser Guardian can offer ruggedized laser safety equipment for officers and K-9 units in conjunction with this training. Contact us for additional information on the training content, scheduling and equipment.


Pilot laser safety eyewear


• Handheld lasers operating at less than 5 mW (0.005 watt) present some risk of eye injury, but present a significant distraction to pilots at distance of 2.2 miles, according to the FAA definition of visual distraction.
• A 125 mW (0.125 watt) laser presents low risk of eye injury in the aviation environment, but can cause a cockpit distraction at a distance of greater than 10 miles.

• Visual Inference Effects impair pilot performance as a result of a laser illumination (distraction, glare, irritation, veiling glare, after image).


Laser Guardian offers a complete line of eyewear for pilots designed to significantly reduce the glare from laser illumination without the visual distortion of instrument displays found with polarized glasses.








Lasers are very dangerous in the wrong hands.

Laser Awareness

Laser Guardian offers laser awareness training for law enforcement.Learn to recognize the dangers, and know effective counter measures.


Stay in control of your aircraft during a lasing incident

Laser Eyewear
Laser Guardian offers laser eyewear designed for pilot use. Our eyewear averts instrument distortion which is typical of polarized eyewear.