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Laser safety equipment, program development and audits for medical offices.



Florida has one of the most comprehensive laser safety laws in the United States under administrative code 64E-4 which is administered by the Florida Department of Health. This applies to all laser users including medical facilities. This code follows ANSI Standards Z136.1 but with additional requirements to include registration with the state of all class 3B and 4 lasers. A medical office is required to have a documented laser safety program, laser safety equipment inventory and laser safety training as well as other controls. Laser Guardian can perform a cost effective gap analysis by a board certified, Laser Safety Officer and assist in developing corrective actions with minimal impact on your practice. Additionally, we offer a wide range of laser safety eyewear for physicians and patients at reasonable prices. This includes special laser goggles designed for safe, comfortable laser therapy on canines. Contact us for additional information on program development, laser safety training, auditing and equipment.













Protection is necessary for you and your patient

Laser Equipment

Many laser based procedures use invisible wavelengths. The eye can concentrate a laser beam 100,000 times. This is similar to a magnifying glass. An invisible near infrared beam that feels cool to the touch can burn a hole in the retina in less than a second.


The eye is complex, so are state regulations

Laser Awareness

Many states have laser safety regulations.The Florida laser regulation is administrative code 64E-4. Compliance is mandatory for medical use. It is administered by the Florida Department of Health which also controls the use of X-rays in clinics and hospitals.