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Laservision Style F16

Laservision Style F16

The F16 is a wrap style frame with an earpiece . This frame also features adjustable length and angles to fit any head shape and soft ear pieces to prevent painful pressure on your head.





Laservision Style R10Laservision Style R10
This frame is lightweight and comfortable. It has a reinforced frame, and is especially developed for use with Nano spec filters. It also has adjustable lengths and angles to fit any head shape and soft ear pieces to prevent painful pressure on your head. May be used as a fit-over for prescription frames.




Laservision Style F01Laservision Style F01
The F01 was designed to offer an economical frame solution. The Duo-flex temples adjust in length, and angle, to fit most people. Soft ear pieces provide increased comfort especially for long-term wear. Clip-in prescription inserts are available.



Laser Safety FaceshieldsLaser Safety Faceshields
Laservision's face shields contain lightweight polycarbonate filters for maximum comfort and affordability. They are made of a tough, durable, heat and cold resistant optical quality plastic.



Laser Eyewear for Patients


Laservision Style P03.M1P01.5000Laservision Style P03.M1P01.5000
Self-adhesive, sterilisable Eye Shield for patients.
• Extremely good and comfortable fit
• Self adhesive to the skin (No head strap and nose bridge)
• High protection levels
• Multi use and sterilisable
• Includes storage box



Laservision Style P04.M1P02.5000Laservision Style P04.M1P02.5000
Patient protection.
• Bend to fit adjustable nose piece
• Non-reflective brushed stainless steel
• Easy to clean and strong enough to last



Laservision Style PKT.P5K07.5000Laservision Style PKT.P5K07.5000
Eyewear for children. (Frog & Dolphin Design)
• One piece universal fit bridge
• Kid friendly design and comfort
• Flexible adjustable head strap



Laser Safety DogglesLaser Safety Doggles
Laser Safety Doggles® provide pets with eye protection during veterinary laser therapy. Cold Laser therapy for pets is a growing procedure that is providing pets relief from arthritis and chronic pain while encouraging healing. New safety precautions will be required as the use of cold laser technology grows.



Laser Equipment


Laser Windows and DomesLaser Windows and Domes
Laservision's Laser Viewing Domes and Windows are ideal for laser enclosures and rooms. They provide safe viewing of lasers from outside the nominal hazard zone. Our laser viewing filters can be customized to facilitate most laser applications including doors, rooms, and laser systems.



Laser BarriersLaser Barriers
Laservision has developed a complete line of large area laser protection systems with well adapted accessories. These systems make it possible to create laser safe solutions for all applications requiring shielding of laser working spaces or public areas. The protection products differ from each other with respect to laser resistance, certification, mechanical characteristics and flexibility. Some of these systems can be combined with glass or acrylic laser safety windows.



Laser SignsLaser Signs
Keep personnel aware and safe with appropriate signs and labels in laser environments. Laservision provides a complete line of Caution, Danger, and Notice signs that are available in both standard and custom formats to fit any application you might have.